Villa For Sale

In almost every person’s life there comes a time when they want to have their own home - designed, constructed and finished in accordance with their ideas of stability, beauty, comfort, coziness and harmony. Villas include a large amount of land and often barns, garages, or other outbuildings as well. We build many villa for sale in Guntur, Amaravati with consumer facilities like swimming pool, childrens park, spacious Gym etc.

The process of constructing a new home must be preceded by thinking over the idea of what it should include. In order for the rooms in the interior to be laid out in the best possible way you must have a basic concept of what rooms you need and what their layout should be, so that the final product would be a comfortable and cozy home. Sitaram Constructions will help you in making decision, because we know that creating a house or a villa as per an individual project is a very inspiring but also a very responsible task – both for you and for us.

Over a decade, Sitaram Constructions has completed around 25 projects which is of 2000 flats in Guntur, Amaravati and 1000 flats in Hyderabad.

Do you need an office in your home, one or more children’s rooms, a swimming pool,a gym, a sauna or a steam room to relax after a long day? Will the kitchen be part of the living room or will it be a separate room?

If you have small children you would want to keep an eye on them might be better if the kitchen area is linked to the living room at least visually.

If you are interested in cooking and a keen chef and you wish to be alone to create dish after dish and not be bothered by anyone then it would be good if the kitchen were completely separate from the other rooms. In this way the cooking smells will not spread to the other rooms in the house.

Are you dreaming of a large wardrobe where you can comfortably arrange and keep all your clothes and shoes? We will take care of that as well. We will offer you a functional layout of the walk-in wardrobe so that it will have plenty of space for all your clothes, shoes, bags etc.

The architecture of the house is designed in accordance with the exposure and location of the plot. The materials we plan to use when drawing up the individual project for a villa are of the highest quality, they are ecological and environment-friendly. We also value clean nature and a healthy living environment and that is why our projects are as green as possible and energy efficient.